Facing the Truth


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It's an expression of refusing to let go; perhaps it's necessary to let go, or maybe it's just easier to do so.

Facing the Truth

Facing the Truth

Here I stand in front of you
You don’t even recognize me
I am part of you till the end
Yet you proceed with uncertainty
When I tell you the truth
You sideswipe me with a rule
Though you’ve never followed them
Your nature is to act on a whim

I started to open my mouth to speak
Now you’re to busy to listen or greet
Just one moment before you could adore
Now you wish to leave me forever more
Please tell me which personality you are
I can’t tell from this distance by far
You say ‘that’s enough’ to keep distance
I say ‘it’s too much,’ in this instance

I asked if you loved me
You replied ‘I don’t know’
I asked you if you ever could
You remained as silent as your shadow
I stare at the world outside my window
And wonder if you wish you were a widow
Have things really broken down
Since we were the toast of the town

An empty home is worst than being alone
I expected you to let me try and atone
Whatever I said or did to make you shut down
It affected to the extent of not being around
At least give me the chance to apologize
I am adult enough to patiently realize
That your feelings are like little special gems
And your pain is from a source where anger stems

It’s okay to admit that you are weak
When we speak and things look bleak
But you still have to give me a chance
To comfort you and save our romance
Believe me when I say, ‘I love you’
I don’t believe it when you say, ‘We’re through’
Or am I a poor soul who’s in denial
Your letters seemed to indicate this after awhile

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Rhymer commented on Facing the Truth


Your poetry has a way of reaching out and grabbing the reades emotions. Nice write once again 10 from me,

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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