Hatred’s Plea


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Have you ever been to that place within yourself that is too dark to speak of? It beckons, yet you try to resist. Eventually, for some it's useless and, for others, it is possible to escape.

Hatred’s Plea

Let it consume you like the carnivore in us all

It will infect you slowly, subtly, until you suddenly fall

A second chance will be lost upon the reality of the emotion

A fleeting glance at the past will not conjure up devotion

You will reach depths that you never new to exist

Beyond those lows, you will be blinded by its mist

Unreachable, your heart will fade to incarnadine

A sliver of slippery hope appears; then it is gone again

Incendiary clocks will trigger alarms that will violate you

Its one goal is to maim, torture, hurt and annihilate you

If you succumb to the tempestuous temptation of its lure

There will be no redemption, regression, or saving cure

Its regret will passionately display its own invisibility

You will feel nothing and know no peace or tranquility

Life will give you reason to contemplate a new release

Conscious of nothing at all, you will now rest in peace

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DylanAKayanN commented on Hatred’s Plea


Good write, I felt the rage just yelling at me in the face, I thought it was great. Add me, i'd be honored. DylanNKayanN

Rhymer commented on Hatred’s Plea


I could feel the rage and the words were screaming at me as I read this wonderful piece. Another picture formed in my mind, one of the Baptist preacher, beating the pupit, red faced and shouting his message out to the congregation. 10 from me.

poetrygal45 commented on Hatred’s Plea


That was awesome! you describe rage perfectly! I felt scared that anyone could actually have such rage inside. yet i have at times when life seemed out of my control. good write.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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