Her face rings a bell


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    Well not all blind dates are anything you want to remember and yet cannot forget

    Her face rings a bell

    I admit some vindictive spite

    It was that as opposed to the lass in the photo
    Who turned up had more in common with Quasimodo

    It was that she was an unpleasant frump
    As obviously her brain was a fused lump

    It was the rabid piggy-eyed leer
    Not even innuendo but things said outright and clear

    It was that she was an insipid bore
    And I had, had, better conversations with a door

    It was a comment on the fugue of my daughter
    That led me to believe her brain was mostly water

    I suppose I could have let my sentences tarry
    While she looked up every other word in a dictionary

    Near the end she asked for a kiss
    I aimed for a cheek, which was a miss

    I had to clench my locked jaw
    To keep out the tongue from the gaping maw

    I had tried to be pleasant, kind and nice
    I’d received the equivalent of shock treatment and a bath in ice

    Call me she said
    I didn’t just leave I fled

    On more than one date I’ve felt like meat
    But for being sullied this one has them all beat

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    missyhaz commented on Her face rings a bell


    well done made me laugh . I could see a picture of you too I have often thought of my uncle saying he picked up a gal and the nexy morning he was trying to bite his arm of instead of waking her now I understand lol

    Twinopolis commented on Her face rings a bell


    I laughed the entire time I read it, I loved it! Keep it up!

    UnworthyFather commented on Her face rings a bell


    Very funny! So... did you call her? You know, on those lonely nights...? Great poem. Really funny. Thanks for sharing.

    Swann commented on Her face rings a bell


    Ha great poem. I love the humor in your poem. You have great flow and the wording was flawless. Great job.

    cryptic77 commented on Her face rings a bell


    I liked this I tink that I will save it but I really hope the she was not attractive and not just fat is the reason that you didn't like here.



    I don't have a problem with peoples weight it's if they are interesting and can keep up a conversation or not

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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