Dating on the internet....

I'm 40 something and I'm free
A biker chick to be
Must love my kids and dog
Must ride a Harley hog
There will be no give only take
It’s all about me for goodness sake
Treat me like a lady because I am a tramp
As to wit, I'm dimmer than a five-watt lamp
I'm looking for someone who will spend and some time
Drinking Schlitz, and watching NASCAR is trey sublime
Ignore all the fighting with my bastard of an ex
Sigh I sure do miss his great big pecs
I'm looking for someone to fulfill my every fantasy
Because I need to escape this apathetic reality
I'm 40 something and I'm free
A biker chick to be

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rickyp commented on Plague


I'm sorry man! ha ha Good stuff. I'm hoping you learned your lesson. Do we ever actually learn our lesson though? ha ha

Legos12 commented on Plague


hahaha! wow, this is so funny!! It made me laugh so hard! Well done! I like the title too :P lol

laydbak1 commented on Plague


Bravo................ Outstandingly done WF.... Sad isn't it...??? I think everyone who reads this knows this woman and what's she's all about... lolololol... Great piece of work.... 10 all the way...

mlea commented on Plague


Oh my God! This is right on... and I cannot believe how many people I know that are involved in dating on line. written well, love that sense of humor....great! mlea

tenderpoison commented on Plague


have i ever mentioned how much I love your wry sense of humor....this is amazingly written...10



oh my friend, that came across loud and clear...never fear, I didn't mistake you for a beer-guzzling nascar fan with a penchant for drama and cheap women....quite the opposite. :)



it sounds like my ex-husbands dream date...



let me tell you these were not my dream dates

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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