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  • Age: 58
  • Location: North Springfield, VT
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Robert Frost and Dante, Cummings and Brodsky, T.S. Elliot and Virgil, prefered reading by the shore. In the depths of winter, by a quiet lake, or while camping in the woods. A book in the office, Always Frost in the MG. A stack in the livingroom, a few crated in the barn. Shakespear in the (euphemism) reading room. Sylvia plat with the cookbooks above the oven door. Catullus by the bed.

If you want something more of me, you are at the wrong forum.
Regardless of what you think you see, and what you think of my decorum.


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Dear WinterFrost, // Sylvia Plath above the oven door? You have a wry sense of humor, brother poet, and a bit macabre. I like it! // I am sure that Shakespeare could not be more honored than to be in the euphemistically named Reading Room, since that is where a great deal of reading can be done; and, for those who love to read, will be done. // I love your biography. // I will tell you what I feel to be one of the most poignant cries of anguish in all of poetry, a line of deep sorrowful regret; this line by T.S. Eliot: "I have measured out my life in coffee spoons." // So much of my life was measured so. // I always found that to be a heart-breaking line. // Now I must consider new lines among my heart-breakers. These lines by Chadirock Ticheburne: "My thread is cut, and yet it is not spun. / And now I live, and now my life is done." // I repeat: I love your biography. It makes me feel that we are brothers of the heart. // Bye now. // --Michael LP, Mr. Poet

SavVySam profile comment


Your poetry came highly recommended...And did not disappoint! Great Bio!

LenaMP profile comment


Love the car and the lighthouse is beautiful. I too love the outdoors and it is one of my favorite things to write about.



Always love to hear what you have written with my eyes Winter! TY for your exceptionally creative mood poems! ginga

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

WinterFrost’s Poems (95)

Title Comments
Title Comments
Winter Dreams 0
Beach 0
Dreaming Red 0
Thats that 6
Winter Rememberance 4
Shipwreck 2
Riding the Subway 2
Mulberry Street 3
White Picket Fence 2
To Hell with the Devil 5
Why 4
Why I never write about her 5
A nonconformist is born every minute 2
Clash 3
A Wake 3
Growing up politicized 5
Biblical Vermont and New Hampshire 6
Softly falling snow 14
Dead leaf and black crow 4
The Gloaming 2
Dead Soldiers 1
Orchard 2
Soft and well remembered days 1
Personal Kharybdis 0
Leaves 1
Made for Autumn 3
Ground Control 2
The old Hospital 3
Revulsion 6
Steppe 2
Early March and everywhere signs of Winter 2
Winter beach in Maine 4
Yellow Petals 1
Plague 6
On Lacking Ambition 5
Terminal Illness 2
church 5
Beatnik Bar 2
East of timbuktu 7
An Unwarranted Visitor 7
Teflon 3
Still 2
Distant Lamposts 1
Sugar Snow 3
Reality is such a coward 0
Ray 0
Charm 2
Winter 1
A dreaded place 5
Nine square yards of Yellow gingham 0
Silly Hellen stuff 1
Cape Elizabeth 4
Castaway 3
In Goshen on rt. 10 1
Nemesis 6
Camped out 6
The Winter Field 3
Her face rings a bell 7
Terrorism 1
A grape 1
Yellow Petals 1
I was left to ponder 2
Autumnal Poetry Box 2
Distant Lamposts 0
Personal Kharybdis 1
Aloof 1
Ardence and Reserve 0
Oubliette 0
Zen Master 1
Unkind musings on a bad dinner party 2
Emily Walking Through Trees 10
Reflections 4
Ennui 3
FTL (Faster Than Light) 1
And they call me CRAZY 1
lly New England
Where I would go 6
Death of a Clock 9
Puzzle 7
Dead leaf and black crow 4
Filled with Wolves 2
A Cold Stove 4
Summer Cars 0
Twain said never argue with a fool 2
The Swamp Maple 3
Winter is just a soft breath away 0
Five Minutes 3
Self Explanitory 4
The Winter Warrior 4
Jack Frost 3
Pumpkins on the Vine 4
I Opted for the Sociopath 3
Out of sight out of Mind 14
Glorious 3
Elysian Fields 7