Sugar Snow


  • Snow

    Sugar Snow

    Rain, sleet, and snow
    And no wind to blow
    That is how you get sugar snow

    My birches kneel
    And their branches reel
    Under the sugar snow heel

    With rakes in hand
    We took our stand
    Against sugar snows demand

    It is beautiful pure white
    And dazzling in the morning light
    That peculiar sugar snow bright

    Upward branches spring
    As rakes and branches sing
    A sugar snow fling

    The tyranny will soon depart
    The sea of white will part
    Gone any visage of the sugar snows art

    Moments of utter beauty are few
    Changing forever what they imbue
    And so I give sugar snow its due

    Excepting the birches plight
    I would change nothing within my sight
    All covered in sugar snow white

    Rain, sleet, and snow
    And no wind to blow
    That is how you get sugar snow

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    ginga commented on Sugar Snow


    exquisitely framed, versed, and expressed! Winter this sugar snow is ssswweeeeeetttt! Ginga

    babyfire04 commented on Sugar Snow


    Incredible, just wonderful. I love the image you portray and by the end of your first three lines I already know exactly what you mean. You have a wonderful talent with words I am so glad you put it to use on here!

    laydbak1 commented on Sugar Snow


    Another great visual WF... I was with you every line.. Sugar snow is a bit of a novelty winter storm down here in the south, but always leaves a mark it was here.... Noone ever forgets it once they've seen and felt it...

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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