Twain said never argue with a fool


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    Twain said never argue with a fool

    Was it the combination of wind and bitter cold
    Causing the trees to be so vociferous
    Nary another creature was out in the bitter cold
    Just myself, and the cold winds’ susurrus

    The talk of the trees was all death and pain
    Like Halloween in and old groan
    There was something eerie in the winds refrain
    And perhaps a touch sinister in its tone

    Undaunted I trudged on thoughts far from home
    Underfoot, the shrill scratchy sound of snow
    Point and counterpoint, feet and wind, and I far from home
    While the voices on the wind sought to bring me low

    But my thoughts were set far and away
    Then as if the wind had a sudden epiphany
    It swept up a blustery cacophony of what it had to say
    I clutched my collar against the onslaught I could not see

    The wind fell off; the trees first quiet, then silent
    I went on, contemplating; just what fight I had fought
    My lips were pressed in quiet lament
    On how debating the wind comes to naught

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    kdavidscott1 commented on Twain said never argue with a fool


    I enjoyed this poem's touch of imagination - and to battle against the cold - is a chilling tale within itself (smile) - very nice... KD

    tenderpoison commented on Twain said never argue with a fool


    futile conversations...even with oneself, often lead to this essential realization. I call it my cognitive dissonance...great write, loved the imagery, really nice allegory, debating the wind. I've noticed that it always wins...and then beats a strategic retreat.



    Thank you for all the comments I am glad you've enjoyed so many of my poems. I'll be looking at some more of yours shortly well probably next week. I've a friends wedding to go to outside of New England. yours, Winter

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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