The old Hospital


  • Spirits

    The old Hospital

    They have dug it up down past the last floor
    The outlying buildings as well as the core

    But the dead, the dead are still there
    Clustered about with an isotopic stare
    The x-ray machines worked day and night
    And filled the dead with a hint of light

    Those standing out brightest in the set
    Dr.’s and nurses long caught in the net
    The x-rays shot out and down and pooled
    Along floors and toes tagged and cooled

    Down past records, and the morgues place
    Down ever down to the iron furnace case
    But the dead, the dead are still there
    Clustered about with an isotopic stare

    They’ve built a new hospital at the other end of town
    Far from where old x-rays continue to seep down
    In comfortable couches and chairs all along the wall
    The dead sit comfortably in what can be mistaken for a mall

    If you stroll down the main thoroughfare
    And feel the presence of something that’s not there
    Try and catch a glimpse from the corner of your eye
    Exactly what it is you are passing by

    And if that doesn’t give you pause to think
    Nor give you the desire for a tall stiff drink
    Remember the dead are still there
    Clustered about with an isotopic stare

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    MarionYost commented on The old Hospital


    Wish I could've rated this one... I love it. Oh well Take care -Marion-

    MarionYost commented on The old Hospital


    Wow, This is awsome.... First poem I've read of it's kind.. Great read. Thanks for the feedback on haze..I think "Haze" Is the worst of mine. All the best. -Marion-

    ginga commented on The old Hospital


    Winter, You have outdone yourself with this poem by dear freind! Well, first off, I like the haunting imagery, the remnants of the old hospital's spirits lurking with their isotopic (what a fantastic word choice) stare, and the feel and tone of this poem is mesmerizing along with the placement of words and rhyme and the repetition of the words the dead. ginga

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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