"Media Collateral Ligaments"


  • MalikPeterson

Poem Commentary

I do know that the medial collateral ligament is one of the ligaments that holds the knee in place. The title is an intentional pun...with each word having a meaning within the piece. Enjoy if you might!!!!

"Media Collateral Ligaments"

Media Collateral Ligaments  

As the hunger grows...
I need something to chew...
Ah! A tender young soul...
It might as well be you.

I've got candy...
plenty for the masses...
though not the Willy Wonka...
but the titties and the asses.

Shake, Shake, Shake...
derrières and areolas.

Consumer Consumption...

much more dangerous...
in the air than Ebola.  

let the dinner bell ring.
Whet your appetite... 
with an array of g-strings.


A pay-per-view meat market...
are these ham hocks lean?

I don't really know but...
her *gams are pristine...
her face is Maybelline...
and I like to... 
make you make believe...

That she isn't just another device...
or a trick from my sleeve...
that sends your senses to the moon
when your sensibilities leave.

Now you're fully recruited...
rage with the machine.
You'll have mighty pickens from these vixens...
as the newest sage of the fiends.
So march on as one body...
my army of indigents...
with my guile and my blarney...
I've swallowed your sentiments...
and as the war rages on...
circumstances are exigent...
collateral damage mounts...

non of the casualties...dissidents...

They blame me...
though your self destruction is imminent.
I may be the brain trust...
but how can a brain move a body...
without all of its ligaments?

*gams = slang for female breasts
© 2010 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved. 

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Mitzi commented on "Media Collateral Ligaments"


I really like the poem and I love the way your words just all seem to blend together. It's very very nice and I definitely enjoyed reading it...Keep up the great work!!



Thank you for your wonderful comment. I am sorry I did not get to this before...but I noticed I have missed some comments given during the time I was moving...so please accept my apologies for the late response...and know that I appreciate your comments all the same :)

EinStud commented on "Media Collateral Ligaments"


I'm glad you used "outside words" to the poem and told me what a medial coligment migment or whatever, was (and I watch football!); the MCL, ACL and all of that stuff... --Paragraph Break-- I read the first few stanzas, and realized that this poem is best read when the day is not fresh and full of promise. But now is now, so I'll read on... --Paragraph Break-- Well, it doesn't move me that much. I can't tell where the cynicism is lying, but I know it is there. It is an easy read, and appears to conclude a thought (it doesn't mean that I agree). --Paragraph Break-- I will give you a standard 8 on this poem because it exceeds the basic requirements of good poem writing, while not over achieving.



Thank you einstud...look around...maybe you will find something that is more to your liking.



I'm looking. I'm liking.

litldeer commented on "Media Collateral Ligaments"


Very unique. It is my first read of yours. I like it. Thanks for sharing.



Thank you deer...I hope it won't be your last. I appreciate you stopping by :)

artisticwords commented on "Media Collateral Ligaments"


Sex does sell no doubt. This 'artistic word' is very sexy and very well done. You expose it all in its true color. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I didn't know what I was missing



Thank you so much aw...I am glad you liked it...and no worries about the time...I appreciate your time whenever you can spare it. Thanks again for the wonderful comment :)

JaleesaSoco commented on "Media Collateral Ligaments"


Entertaining and pleasant to read! Unique. I like it! :)



Thank you much Jaleesa. I appreciate you stopping by as always and dont fret...I'm on my way soon :)

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

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