"I Want to be a Martian"


  • MalikPeterson

Poem Commentary

This was the opening monologue from a play I was writing.

"I Want to be a Martian"

I Want to be a Martian

I sit alone in my room, staring up at the stars.

Give me the keys to the spaceship…I’ve had enough of these cars.
I’m sick of the swine flus, the mind’s blues, the pre-nups and the SARS.
I want to stand up at a comedy club way out up on Mars.
I’m sure to mix in some hardys with a couple of hars.
You see, it’s quite clear…I’ve got to be from outer space
I can’t understand the make up, the lipstick, the powdered face.
This is theater after all, so I guess that last line was out of place.
It’s just that…I’m sure my fellow Martians aren’t bound by hate.

Everyone is different up there, and they get it…not like this confounded place. 

It’s not working for me here…it’s time to ring in the new.
Alas, however, and although I’d love to bid it adieu…
I can’t yet…so I stand in front of a crowd of people…talking…but talking to who…
Or is it whom? Why should it matter…whomever or whoever, you’re all here too.

But when I’m by myself again…I sit and I spew.

I talk to the solar system…and tell it… “The only thing missing is you”.

You may say there are no Martians and that there are just weird people.
But I say, is that a space station I am facing or just chasing mere steeples.
Are we encasing sheer evil or encased in pure lethal…
venom that’s got us vehemently straying from making the peers equal?
I’m just stating what a seer sees…because I am aware there are hearers present…

so this is much more than merely soliloquy. More or less it is the epitome…
of the reasoning behind which I intend to make you see that being here for me…

is not meant to be. 

I am marooned away from my home land but not mining for sympathy.
I’m more so pining for a time when my empathy…
Is for the poor souls on this planet I am visiting, as my ship is whisked away in the sea.

I aim to once again set sail on the waters of the Milky Way’s mystic swirl.


I’m an alien…I’m a legal alien
I’m an alien in this world.

© 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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WordSlinger commented on "I Want to be a Martian"


Malik you poet man you poet, never forget that, WS



thanks word...I wont!

Merlyn commented on "I Want to be a Martian"


I am sitting in an icebath of chills. So much of you has always been me. I hear you so loud and clear. You are not alone ,Brother. Man, I love your work.



Thank you Merlyn...glad you liked it and related so much. Thank you for your comments. :)

Madelynn commented on "I Want to be a Martian"


Very, very cool!!-The thing I really dig the hardest about this poem/play introduction, masterpiece is that it is worded so fun-and unique..but there is a depth present, underlying meaning! When I was alittle girl, I couldn't stand to watch t.v., or look at the newspapers-the events or images were to heartening for me, and would plague me to tears terribly. So, I just wanted to leave this world, and live in heaven-I would lay in bed, or the field(I called it my church),and just beg God to take my soul. I so get this piece! Malik.-Anyway, I guess God had alot of stuff for me to write and accomplish yet, here on earth, 'cause here I remain!! thanx for asking me to read this,it struck home!-Maddi



Thanks Maddi...I am really glad you liked this one and related so well to it. I am glad I was able to touch your mind and strike home. If it gets you thinking...mission accomplished :)

stellar commented on "I Want to be a Martian"


Very interesting piece! You made want to be a martian too...haha



lol...thanks...that means it's working.

icu2 commented on "I Want to be a Martian"


I liked this, it was very interesting. Well done!



Thanks Anita...glad you liked. :)

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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