"Speaking of Deja Vu..."


  • Déjà Vu
    • MalikPeterson

    Poem Commentary

    This is a conversation between two people 'about' Déjà vu. 

    "Speaking of Deja Vu..."

    "Speaking of Deja Vu..."

    “The funny thing about déjà vu is that you don’t know until you’re there again in it.

    But how can you be there again if you were never there to begin with it?”


    “What’s that you say? Come again about that oak tree?

    As we sit here, I think I was once before noticed beneath.”


    “For sure I am a dreamer, seeing far and wide through day and night scenes.

    But it seems to me that these realistic copies are a bit more than eerie pipe dreams.”


    “Something should happen here, I don’t know why but I feel it strong.

    know this sky. I’ve smelled this scent. I’ve seen those leaves. It won’t be long.”


    “Right between, asleep and awake I think it lies.

    But I can’t figure why, what happens in my unconscious state, appears before my eyes.”


    “I know the feeling of this grass that I sit upon peering.

    Was it last year or the year before that I was a visitor of this one-tree clearing?”


    “One might say that we undergo enlightenment while we slumber away.

    Then we forget it, until it happens again, like saving it for another day.”


    “That house off in the distance, what does it mean to me really?

    Did I live in it before, or play near it, why won’t it come to me clearly?”


    “I don’t really know, to tell the truth I’m only stating speculation,

    I wonder if, it does exist, through some deep form of meditation.”


    “What did I do here? It’s so strange I feel a connection.

    But why it is in fact that I feel that...escapes my recollection.”


    “These views of mine have all come to pass through random ponderings.

    I’m not really authorized to tell you lies, and give definitions of its conjuring.”


    “THAT’S IT!!!! I know it now. This place is from a picture that I have seen.

    Inside of my head, I know its ins and outs so I must have travelled through a dream.”


    “I thought it so, how else could you draw the vivid pictures that you drew?

    Especially of a place you couldn’t figure out how you knew.”


    “My apologies, I was day dreaming again. I must not have added anything new.

    I rambled on about the scene and this tree we sit under, must not be a big help to you.”


    “Don’t fret and don’t bother, you’re no bother. I had to let the events play and pursue.

    We’ve been having this conversation for the past seven days, and I saved the last time…


                                                                          For Déjà vu.”

    © 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.





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    knight4696 commented on "Speaking of Deja Vu..."


    Malik! I love the inner battle in converstional form that you've penned here. I believe in Deja Vu because I have lived it as a child. My Dad brought me to one of his friends homes years ago and I knew I had been there before - I was only about 6 at the time- but I remember it vividly. My Dad said ensured me I had not been there - but yet I knew where the 2 bedrooms were upstairs and there was this cane in a coatrack in a corner in the bedroom on the right at the top of the stairs. I told him I saw it before, but told me to stop it, that's when his woman friend, said no Joe - he's right - she brought me up the stairs and there was a wooden lion head cane with a ruby in it's mouth. My Dad and the woman and myself was creeped out - she said that the cane and coatrack was left there by the previous owner - the house had been empty for over 2 yrs and she had just bought it. Pretty Freaky huh? DejaVu or something else - I have no idea? Anyway - you certainly jarred some memories with this write! :) Awesome job my friend! :) Ken

    dumplin commented on "Speaking of Deja Vu..."


    Malik, I've been here so many times in my life. I just had one the other night while sitting in a certain position on my couch in my living room, fire in the fireplace, a certain show on the TV and talking to my grandmother on the telephone. I spoke of the Deja Vu to her. It made her laugh. She and I have that ESPN shit goin' on, you know?




    KtIrish commented on "Speaking of Deja Vu..."


    I couldn't imagine being in your head, Malik. It must be a fantastical place. You rock, as usual. Take these many kudos and savor them. Wait, haven't I said this before...?



    lol...thanks Caity. Inside of my head...hmmm...sometimes I wonder what is in there as well lol. Thank you so much for the read and feed. I appreciate your time to the max. :)

    AmadeusEx commented on "Speaking of Deja Vu..."


    human activity is a measurable quantity in anyones life there are few paths untrod moments swing back around again our eyes decieve our minds evolution we feel a piece of time already experienced in a previous daydream realize that deja vu feeling randomly unexpected deductive reasoning if it werent important there wouldnt be a word for it....i think ive been here before, i know ive said this before...how many times before it happens again...didnt this just happen yesterday? lol...fun subject



    Lol...glad you liked the subject...and no problem about the rating thing...no problem at all.



    i accidentally hit the wrong button to rate this poem...ended up not counting..sorry malik:(

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