"Seasons' Dance"


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    The seasons...they dance.

    "Seasons' Dance"

    Seasons’ Dance 

    I miss the days of dry like the night sky misses the sunshine. 
    Rain…rain go away, come again…come again… 
    Rain on my parade…my escapades…mardi gras… 
    Have yourself a hardy…hardy har haw… 
    Let the electric umbrella in tow leave the storm clouds in awe 

    The flower petals draw… 
    Artistically raw… 
    What the shimmer does to the dew beneath a lion’s paw 
    And the lamb leaves as the ravens caw at the iron rickshaw… 

    Heat’s hot fire speaks…loudly… 
    Cloudy…no longer…no more…sun’s rays are rowdy… 
    My afternoons are feisty…my slumber’s without me 
    The shade’s a sheister…it burns there…supposedly a place without heat 

    Now the colors run… 
    Slight…not yet cumbersome… 
    The shift in the wind brings forth a conundrum 
    Is it the blaze I miss or shades of it when the summer’s done? 

    The inside of a coloring book or Autumn’s heart… 
    A perfect collage from God…a flawless art… 
    Not a pitfall if it falls…it’s all a part 
    As a leaf bops along a breeze…its tree never weeps as it falls apart 

    Branches bare all again 
    Chills send all a spin… 
    Say goodbye to the legend of the fall and then… 
    Frozen fingers signify that winter’s call begins 

    A cold-hearted snake on a frigid lake… 
    This is a wicked take on winter’s break… 
    Even bears don’t picnic then for goodness sake… 
    If then caves abate them…you could relate 

    Temperature changes mend… 
    We give rests to ranges then… 
    Mummy wraps for baseball caps…we trade them in 
    When we barbeque lamb chops in backyards and fronts again… 

    We realize that this is truly the song… 

    that doesn’t end.

    © 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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    dancinghawk commented on "Seasons' Dance"


    the dance of seasons ... great take on the "endless" procession ... luv the observation "its tree never weeps as it falls apart" ... tho if you talk to KTIrish, that leaf is hesitating to leap, and if you talk to Stryx, that leaf is falling, angry, at the sudden end of it all ... lol ... luv it ... ty for another great post! -dh



    lol...thanks dh. I am glad you liked it again and continue to read...I appreciate that greatly. :)

    Liebling commented on "Seasons' Dance"


    Awesome and well written. I really like the measure of the lines and the feel of it. It's really a very good poem and has great visuals.



    Thanks Lie...glad you liked it.

    WordSlinger commented on "Seasons' Dance"


    this is bad ass, one of my favs of yours, this stanza, needs printed in gold/light.. The inside of a coloring book or Autumn’s heart… A perfect collage from God…a flawless art… Not a pitfall if it falls…it’s all a part As a leaf bops along a breeze…its tree never weeps as it falls apart



    Thanks sling...I am glad you liked it as always...we need topics.

    KtIrish commented on "Seasons' Dance"


    I love it. Especially the last line. Geez Malik, you got mad skills for sure.



    Thanks Kt...coming from a person who's skills are quite good as well...I am flattered :)

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