Saving You


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A feeling that's been swelling and dwelling :/

Saving You

I try so hard
To rescue you
But you always say
There's nothing I can do
It's like you want to fall
But I know that can't be true
So before I have fallen
I will rescue you

I will save you
Like you always did for me
In my dreams I'd want to fall
But that never was reality
And even though I didn't
You were always able to see
Why you had to pick things up
And why things couldn't be

You picked up the peices
When my heart was shattered
You found all of me
When I was absolutely scattered
You have always treated me
Like I was all that mattered
It was all some sorrowful
And painful pattern

I would jump down
While you did the catching
I would hate the world
And you were always smiling
I would hold my ears
While you would cease the screaming
So many dreadful memories
I thought that I was dreaming

You awoke me
And I still closed my eyes
You caught me
And I still tried to fly
You cheered me up
And I still had to cry
You were always there
And I never knew quite why

So now I will open your eyes
I will save you from a demise
And sheild you from all their lies
No matter how many tries

No matter the pain
No matter the screams
No matter the rain
No matter the dreams

None of it matters
When it comes to you
Because it never mattered
When you were saving me

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franny86 commented on Saving You


Beautifully written..I think that even if you dont need saving, this piece would touch you... great form, and rhyming scheme...This one is my first favorite on OP...Very well done...



Thank you SOOOO much! :O That means the world to me!!! :D

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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