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    Poem Commentary

    Dedicated to my friend, Sean.

    Best Friend

    A smile to turn to
    When I'm feeling my worst
    That's something you've given me

    A helping hand
    When I'm down in the depths
    When that's where I deserve to be

    A safe place to land
    When I've jumped from too high
    You're always so generous to me

    A greeting every morning
    No matter the circumstances
    Oh, how much that meant to me

    A miraculous friend
    During even the most difficult times
    That's what you are to me

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    Precaucion commented on Best Friend


    Hmmm, this reminds of someone, and you said it was ME. I am a " miraculous friend, " why thank you, but enough about me, your really good at this, Jackie



    No, I'm not. I'm actually just putting things down on paper and hoping they'll understand. Oh well. A lot of people don't, but it's more about the people that do.

    Ras34 commented on Best Friend


    thats me right? :) thats what i thought. good poem its my fav. cuse its for me lol =)



    Lawl you're a dork! :P but i love ya cuz you muh buddy :) glad you like it



    Lawl you're a dork! :P but i love ya cuz you muh buddy :) glad you like it

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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