I'll Be Here


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Poem Commentary

This one was just ind of to all the people that feel really alone. I've tried to help people with crap and some refuse help. That is what is wrong with the world. Too many people think help is overrated, but for all those that still believe in the simple pleasantries: I am all ears.

I'll Be Here

Not my friend
That's okay
'Cause in the end
It doesn't matter anyway
There are those
In this world
In need of somebody
To stay
And for those
I am here
For all time
Standing near
I'll be here
But for all those
Who wish
To reside on their own
For those who claim
They're better off alone
Have fun in the world
I'll see you around
I don't need you
'Cause it's hope that I've found
Want to be my friend
That's up to you
'Cause what matters most
Is what you do
But if you need
A helping hand
Or to turn away
I'll understand
But for you
I am here
For all time
Standing near
I'll be here

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BringMeBullets commented on I'll Be Here


Beautiful! I like this. I think it's cool that you wrote about helping people. This is very pretty.



I try :) A lot of people refuse help and so there is no use trying. It's what we, as humans, call "free will". But humans are also obstinate which means we are always trying to change "free" to "in control"

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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