Listen Closely


Listen Closely

the skrit skrit of my pen
branding this blank page

the sharp tock tock tock of high heels
striding purposefully over marble floors

the charming cloppity-clop of horse hooves
over the cobblestone streets

the magical, musical tinkling 
of a small brass bell

the deep thumping bum bum bum
of an expertly played bass guitar

the cheery clink of crystal
in  celebratory toast

the soft, deep sigh, mmmmmm
of a lover's moan 

achingly beautiful
these sounds alone are
worth living for... 

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HarverTomsson commented on Listen Closely


There are other sounds just as definable, but your sampler is a good stimulus for the mind to keep working on a good thing.



Thank you so much for reading, Harver! I always value your input and am so glad to see you stopped by!

ArgusWayne commented on Listen Closely


Excellent! An old friend once told me 'The hell with stopping to SMELL the roses--I want time to listen to them bloom!' You nailed that sentiment here. Another favorite.



I love that quote! I am so glad you enjoyed this poem. :)

ApaqRasgirl commented on Listen Closely


great piece, I could almost hear the tones of each of those you described it so well, thanks for sharing. love Asha



Thank you, Asha, for the kind words; it means so much to me!

MindNumbing commented on Listen Closely


Nicely written, yet again... it's amazing how certain sounds continue their reverb long after they have physically vanished. I can still hear my dad's sigh each and every time I do something that I know he would consider stupid... I think that might keep me in line a little bit :)



Thanks! And I know what you mean about that little sigh that becomes part of your conscience- my dad left one of those with me as well! I must admit, it's turned out to be one of the most useful gifts he gave to me. ;)

FranzJ commented on Listen Closely


sounds - if you listen you can hear - - - - - - - -a lot



Yes, 'hearing' and 'listening' are two vastly different things. Thank you for reading!

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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