10 Rounds


10 Rounds

Round one began when i was unprepared and 16.
It was the day i lost my belief in humanities innocence and learned people were so mean
The experience taught me to never trust in a person as though it seems.
The way i thought i fell in love is now just a dream
Round one stung but i learned to put my defenses up and running.
Little did I know when i had somehow forgotten about round one that round two was coming. It was in round two that i first learned sacrifice for a girl. We were friends and i wanted her to marry me even though at the sight of me she wanted to hurl. She rejected me every time i requested her out butwith my head down i walked to my corner to continue my fighting bout. Round three happened so quick and so fast. It made my parents marriage a divorce and quickly in the past
Round 4 caught me by total surprise. I had lost my first best friend in my grandma right before my eyes.
I was not even awake or even aware of round 5. If it was not for a good friend with downsyndrome I would never even be still alive.
I could have swore i was ready for the sixth round. It wsa here that i decided to join the singles branch in my religion and instead of getting smiles from my peers I had gotten frowns. Round seven happened when i got my first job. It broke my body down and made me meet so many good people but one outstanding exception had made me frown.
Round eight took another punch to the direct heart. She called me a homewrecker even though she never told me that she was married just before we split apart. By now in lifes boxing match i was great at it now. That is before round 9 occured and when she told me her true age i had a fucking cow.
I was born to be an athlete and a fighter throught my whole life. Now to the victor comes the spoils i won round 10 and made my fiancee my future wife. I guess 10 rounds of boxing life had made me stronger than i used to be. After all victories in this life never have come for free

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earthly commented on 10 Rounds


Keep fighting the good fight-Namaste........................Earthly

LadyLuck commented on 10 Rounds


10 rounds eh? trial after trial after tedious trial

sammia commented on 10 Rounds


Life has many rounds. Yet I don't think that 10 rounds will be the end of it. Great write. Keep writing and sharing

SuperChick76 commented on 10 Rounds


Life, it does seem, throws many punches, as you phrase them, rounds. The trick is to fight right on back, and never overlook the great things life brings. Beautifully written, I can see your poetry growing in each new write. Keep it up. Good write, good read. :)

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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