Not Again


Not Again

I began shooting because it got me away from my parents hate for one another
I continued to shoot because it frusterated me that no matter how much i tried i couldnt get close to my brother
I used to spend hours just me the basket and the ball
I had gotten so good at it that people around the block would at times stop to watch me in awe
Behind the back between the legs up a ten foot arch and swish
As i had done this i could never seem to hear my parents yelling or that broken dish
I wanted so hard to just wake up and for my family to be out there to join me
I wanted so hard for my parents to be proud and what they raised i would allow them to see
Not again will i ever be able to dribble between my legs at all
If i tried to run up to the basket theres a good chance i would collapse out of breath and fall
Because of the game I am no longer in the shape of my life
Because of the game I have aches all over and this much i can strife
Not again will i be the reason i hear the cheering of the crowd
Not again will I be able to trash talk big and loud
Not again will i have the chance to take my frusterations out on the court
For life has gotten so complex and so hard that my first problem would not be able to be sort
I now have just memories of the way things used to be
I am now called angry when I do not speak and let my frusterations out you see
Never again will i have the chance to talk clearly to another human being
Because every time i have attempted to do so my words get tangled up it seems
People judge me to be bad. They judge me to just die
I wonder what they would judge me if they knew every time i hear someone i have never met before say such things i feel like im going to cry
I have been betrayed by my first love and many others
But at least with when i feel up to it my poems and me will always have each other

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am2anangel commented on Not Again


great sadness and passion finding release through a basket. well done. -Tonya

bluewolf commented on Not Again


Having grown up in a home where fighting was the norm as well, I had no escape from the reality of life as it was. School supplied no sanctuary, nor did I have the option of play as the neighborhood of my youth was filled with car thieves, peeping toms and drug dealers. As such for many years my life was lonely and filled with pain and hate. For this I can tell you without doubt that hate is poisonous when held within. This poem displays and explains this so precisely and with great detail. Excellent work Dan.

dumplin commented on Not Again


My heart aches for you, Danny. I pray you can find happiness and joy again. I hope you can at least enjoy the little things more. (((((danny)))))

SuperChick76 commented on Not Again


So many horrible things happen in life, and this expresses them undoubtedly. Though, you must remember, that through force will, anything can happen! I once heard of a man, crashed a plane, said he'd never be able to do anything but blink ever again, and he walked out of the hospital on his own two feet because of nothing but his own force of will. And I firmly believe that you'll be alright, if you believe you will. Nicely written poem, my friend. Good job, and never stop writing. :)



BTW, sorry it took so long for me to read this, I've been sooo busy this morning.

LadyLuck commented on Not Again


The angst in your world again seems so unbearable, my own breathing begins slowing and it aches to be alive. i cannot speak past the pain in my throat and that in turn is causing my fingers to blank, unable to verse

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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