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    Once was a feeling so soft and so bright
    Once there was a storybook ending and both of us could see the sight
    Once there was a dream of a family that we had both decided to have
    Once there was a feeling of a miracle that made both of us kind of glad
    We both were so in love and never wanted to leave each other
    We both once had a deep undying love that was for one another
    I was a fool to believe that you were actually so lovely and true
    Then came the day when suddenly i began to see the true you
    Gone was the thought that you were so true and kind
    Replaced by a feeling that away from my family you begged me bind
    Gone was the feeling of trust i had in you
    Replaced by a distrust that was my nightmare that had come true
    Gone was the memories of good times that we had
    Replaced by a river of tears that were ever so sad
    Gone is the feeling of mercy so sweet
    Replaced by a feeling like a root canal oh what a treat
    Gone is the feeling of everlasting hope
    Replaced by the thought that god i was a dope
    Gone is the future that we could have had
    Replaced by hatred now for me to you i know it sounds bad
    Gone is the time i wasted on dating you
    Replaced by just horrible memories in my mind that have come true
    Gone is the vast fortunes of money from my life
    You took practically my very last dime and your not even my wife
    Gone is the want for you to have eternal happiness
    Replaced by cursings and feelings of crappyness
    Gone is the heart that once beated and now is to be set free
    Finally gone is the feeling of love that had once been towards you and me

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    Jayandben commented on Gone


    Congrats. This is very nicely written :) I showed my friends and they agree

    Mandi commented on Gone


    I am sorry That THings didn't work out with this person. However, better that you found out before reall trouble. It is good that you can work things out by writing about them.you did a nice job.

    koolmom0 commented on Gone


    Well now that she is gone, you can get your life back together and fill it with happiness. Very good poem honey. Koolmom

    1990lh commented on Gone


    i thought this was a pretty good poem dany love the concept and your used of repetition, it tells a great story of love gone bad.it was an enjoyable read.nice dany

    Bethane1978 commented on Gone


    I think its an excellent poem. I don't think you should take to heart someones bad criticism. It was an excellent poem. Keep up the great work. Its surely a 10 in my book.

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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