Why Cant I?


Why Cant I?

They say that love is filled with passion
They say it is so strong that it will forever lasten
True love is a beautiful thing to eventually feel
The question that is constantly in my mind is why cant i and this question is real
Why cant i feel that devotion why cant i feel that pain
Why cant i have that deep centered embrace in the pouring rain
Why cant i trust why have i been hurt so much
Why do i always have to be the " friend" to the one that is my crush
Am i just that ugly do i just have that little appeal
Do people look at me and think that Frankenstien is real?
Do i have bad taste can people never see the light
Why cant i just throw in the boxing gloves and walk away with my prize from the fight?
Why cant my dreams for a better life just for once come true?
Why is it that all of my happiness and cares have to be shattered just to love someone like you
Of course you couldnt care less of course you had to turn away
Of course you had to be happier with him while you use a copout like " you'll find someone someday"
Of course you had to love another even more than me
Just to stomp on my heart rather than let it be set free
Of course you feel nothing of course im not in your prayers
Of course you have hurt me and im supposed to be happy even though your unawares
Why cant i be the one that is so madly in love
Why cant i feel as though i was riding on a cloud above
I try everything i can to pretend that im fine and although this feeling may sound real
If you were to talk to my brain and my heart you will realize that is not how i really truly feel

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dumplin commented on Why Cant I?


wow, such frustration and pain! Love suck. I wrote such ones ad 'Is It You?' and 'Your Surprises' when I was in love. Then, when I got my heart broken (AGAIN), I wrote 'It's Enough'.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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