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You will see poems on here that you may recognize from melanie23. I am not taking someone else's work and claiming it as my own because melanie23 was my old profile but when I moved and changed my email I forgot my original poetry password so I had to create a new profile and am now transferring my work from one to the other. I am a mother of four, 14yr. old daughter twin 8yr.old sons, and an 3yr. old son. I work part time and take care of my family full time. I love spending time with my kids, reading, playing sports, swimming, and things like that. One day I would like to be a published writer. I have two fictional books and one book of poetry in the works so one day that dream may come true. I look forward to your feedback on my poetry so that I may learn how to better express in words what I feel in my heart.


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Stopping by to say hi



hey hey, how you been



Really well. Hope you too.

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Hi trista just stopped by to say hi... hope you had great holidays n this year is good for you. I just wanted to let you know I'm ok n got sent to a specialist who is helping me quite a bit. Everything seems to be falling into place. Next week my hubby n I are flying to see our son at Notre Dame for Junior Parents weekend so it will be a nice valentine weekend for both of us. Haven't seen you around much so hope everything is fine. Hugs



sorry I never got back to you. couldn't remember login and my computer sucks. glad everything was looking up for you and hope it still is. ive had my ups and downs between then and now but everyone does. cant have the good without the bad. hope you are happy and well.

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
Failure 1
Fog 0
Half Life 0
I Am Here For You 0
One Day 0
Happy Holidays 0
You Got This 0
2020 0
Perception 0
Stuck Tongue 0
Where Did I Fail? 0
Vicious Cycle 0
Dreams 0
Thinking of You 0
Emotions Suck 0
Unintended Path 0
Questions 1
Your Not Alone 1
Sweet Child 0
Darkness 0
Belief 0
Sinking 0
My Wish 0
Forever Yours 0
The Chaos of Silence 0
Depressions Fight 0
Selfish Bastard 0
Bare With Me 0
I'm a Selfish B*tch 0
All Cards On The Table 0
Healing 0
Indecision 0
Reality Check 0
Be Free 0
Lost 0
Be Ready 0
Burdens 0
Hindsight 0
Now I Can See 0
Discovery 0
Angel Baby 0
Waiting 0
Oh My Sister 0
Don't Go 0
Darkness 0
Suicide 0
Motherhood 0
Let It Be Over 0
Hidden Wounds 0
I am Lost 0
You 0
Pieces 0
Tired 0
Evan and Mommy's Chair 1
Numb 0
Little One 0
Thank You 0
A Rule Of Life 0
My Children 0
Please Understand 4
Be Open 3
Motherhood 1
Down But Not Out 2
The Best Christmas Present 1
My Big Boys 1
Go to Sleep 0
Rock- a- bye 0
Fear 2
You Never Know How Much Time You Have 2
Alone 1
Knight 1
Life is Short 1
Home 1
Pure Gold 1
Black Friday 1
The Good With The Bad 1
Treachery 1
Betrayal 1
What is Left Unspoken 0
Why Abandon Me 0
See The Truth 0
Dreams 0
I've Met Someone 1
Tears 0
Gone 0
It's Not Really Good- Bye 0
Believe 0
Love 0
For All Time 0
You 0
Bad Cards 0
Broken Heart 0
Wrong or Right 0
I've Moved On 0
Look Straight Ahead 1
First Kiss 1
Have You Ever 1
I Should Of Listened 0
It Barely Hurt 0
Seeing Their Love 0
Poems to New York After 9/ll 0
Your Never Really There 0
Never Forgotten 0
Never Together 0
Why (2002) 0
She May Finally Be Proud of Me 1
So Close 0
Finally 0
The Moon 0
Look For The Light 0
Void 0
Wings of My Soul 0
I can Never Give up 0
Never Ending Battle 0
Personal Sayings 0
Being As One 0
My Prayer 0
Happiness 0
Weakness 0
Second Chance 0
My Fault 0
Home Coming 0
Bliss 0
Perfect World 0
No One Sees 0
Believe In Yourself 0
My Saviour 0
Dream Sweet Dreams 0
Lulaby 0
The Two of Us 0
The Fallen 0
Survive 0
My Future Vows 0
Enough is Enough 0
Innuendo 0
My Best Friend 0
Search Your Soul 0
Questions of The Heart 0
What Do You Believe In 0
The Things You Did To Me 0
Ramblings of My Mind 0
A Mother's Love 0
New Life 0
Death of My Best Friend 0
My Family 0
Two of You 0
Tired of It All 0
Lost 0
Questions of Character 0
Shattered Heart 2