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    let the dance begin.... :)

    take the lead

    I've learned to softly sing along
    to all the best romantic songs
    but there has never been a chance
    for my small feet to learn to dance

    the wrong partners seem to come and go
    I've stepped on all their clumsy toes
    it will take a stronger man to lead
    the fluid dance of grace in me

    I will say I've two left feet
    to keep me safely in my seat
    declining all unsought advance
    claim I don't know how to dance

    but this deception grows so old
    and the deepest truth wants to be told
    the secret lying on my lips
    the magic rhythm of my hips

    on the dance floor, hand in hand
    make me move to your command
    your hand pressed to my heated skin
    lets me move against your sin

    bare bronzed arms at shoulder height
    soft hands that beckon and invite
    there's a challenge in my eyes
    and passion now is undisguised

    move with intention in my space
    as the music slows the tempo's pace
    through the room we dip and glide
    in this dance so long denied

    our desire, so long restrained
    in love comes finally unchained
    eyes and lips and bodies find
    hearts that burn but do not bind

    these perfect steps I always knew
    but saved them all for only you
    my heart will ever thus attest
    I will be your last conquest

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    cmlestrade commented on take the lead


    Terrific poem. So romantic and well written. My daughter is a dancer. It is so awe inspiring to watch the dance claim the dancer as your poem claimed the reader "write on"

    DeepEclipse commented on take the lead


    Fluid flow here. Bounces like a dance. Gracefully and on time. The way you wrote it gave it a sway that sort of "swings" the reader in a tempo. Its ironic that when you read it here, it seems like so much, but this actually depicts mere moments. Well written.

    JCKasper commented on take the lead


    It would be difficult to hide the passion in your poetry......It is so deep and moving that it overflows.........I love your work!!!!

    Lucho commented on take the lead


    Great work. There is nothing better than the connection that two lovers can share on the dance floor and correspondingly in the bedroom. You captured that feeling perfectly with your mastery of words. I am a new friend of yours so I really look forward to reading your many other poems. I respect your writing ability so I would appreciate some feedback on my poems. I am sure you can teach me a thing or two

    soulwriter commented on take the lead


    I must say this has me a bit spellbound - from someone who is a true romantic and a lover of dance, the rhythm of passion poured out on the floor. I want to ask my lover to dance all night now! This is a classic - top of the art write. I cant say enough about the fact that the meter and meaning never falter in the least. This is by far my favorite of yours. Dance ON! 10

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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