25 years


25 years

I recall that birthday feast when you fell and broke your heart
when the dirty bastard left you for his fancy younger tart
at least that's the way you tell it I've come to understand
you've always been the ostrich with your head stuck in the sand
avoiding all confrontation, the original Rodney King
constantly repeating, "can we all just get along please"
ignoring the injustice fostered by your stance
rigid self-deception left you no room to dance
and sure I feel sorry for all that you have lost
but sometimes lessons do not come without a hefty cost
your apathy has cost you dear and stripped away your blinders
unfortunately you've still not learned so here is a reminder

it was never all his fault, you've a share in the burden of guilt
withholding your affections destroyed all you two had built
choosing to make obvious your preferment for the child
predictably and sadly drove your loyal husband wild
or do you not remember the bullet and the gun
of course you didn't notice, I was the only one
or all the times he tried to show his love and deep affection
your carelessness a blatant hint he'd get no satisfaction
or all the ways he'd try to make time for just you two
you cancelled plans out of hand, always something better to do
and every time he tried to share his thoughts or his opinions
you'd turn away as if to say they weren't worthy of your attention
and shine your love light on your son, much to his disgust
I watched my father bleed inside from your unerring thrusts

you've spent your entire life playing these dirty little tricks
manipulating madness and then cry wolf when it sticks
I hate you for your selfishness that veils itself in caring
pretending you feel anything but incapable of sharing
so now you vent your constant angst and bitterness on me
because I choose to value one you blindly threw away
I'll not deny forgiveness to a man I understand
when all of his abuse of me was guided by your hand
but you are not the bad guy, no, you're innocent as a lamb
you'd deny to your last breath that you never gave a damn
though you paint a pretty scene your words are empty lies
your complete aversion to honesty is something I despise

you'll lecture me about attending Church, dishonoring God the Father
and weep your crocodile tears over the sex life of my daughter
wonder why, you matriarch, no one listens to a word you say
you've a life of little substance, it's a rather sad display
and though I love you dearly, in an obligatory fashion
your life would be much better if you had one ounce of compassion
it's not a competition and there isn't any prize
if you think you're better than someone else you listen to evil lies
we're all in the same boat here, there's only one way to salvation
the grace of God cannot be bought with hollow self-affirmation
so please try to remember the log-jam in thine own eye
before relating hateful spate, my father to decry
when you can't sleep for the pain and fears that haunt you in the night
remember that for 25 years he fought for you with all his might

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StandingBear commented on 25 years


An interesting write pertaining to a mother, favorite son, and a neglected dad. My oldest brother is my mom's fav and i totally understand. 9

RHPeat commented on 25 years


Another rhyming problem here: (constantly repeating, "can we all just get along please") Maybe this line can be inverted somehow to get your rhyme with (King)= (, "can we all just get along please." without constantly repeating): I'm not sure if that's your exact meaning. Anyway there are many rhymes with (ing)

RHPeat commented on 25 years


What happened to the rhymes in next to the last stanza, lines 5 & 6. (each day, all day, on my way, to betray, in your decay) many words rhyme with (threw away). Even (angst, bitterness and foul-play.) might work.

WinterFrost commented on 25 years


Very nice cadence and nice AABB work. And then again obviously heartfelt. excellent wordsmithing poison. Winter

optimistic commented on 25 years


Ths This is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! I felt like I was there living the fathers life so much abuse yet so kind and compassionate towards the other beautiful description of turing hate into realty of life and the way it is.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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