The Bones of the Clown


Poem Commentary

this was inspired by my very real fear of clowns

The Bones of the Clown

shadows warp
the bones of the clown
messy eyed dressings
melt like candle wax
puddling in stalactite mounds
the greasy octagon floor
wine-soaked stench
of the poor
inhabiting souls
afternoon warm-ups
stretching noodle rope muscles
fitting mouthsockets
over loaded rifle muzzles
teeth clench
grind calcium fragments
into dirty steel bowls
midafternoon sweat chills
beneath the glacial stares
of unlaughing kittens
throw them yarn
and watch them spin
the bones of the clown
contort from within
revealing stumps
bound with duct tape
juggling skulls
culled from island tomb rape
circus bizarre
crystal balls on fire
twitching nostrils pierced
by electrical wire
these images are not real
sometimes i feel
the bones of a clown
just bring me straight down

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baddollyr2 commented on The Bones of the Clown


nice i want to know about the clown. did it kill it self then you or it was dead then came after you

Mangus commented on The Bones of the Clown


Good piece definitely hits you hard like you described. I really enjoyed it. No hestitation. You get the reader attention from the start

cowboyup1824 commented on The Bones of the Clown


Very dark in a non descriptive way. I figured it would be dark with maybe more descriptiveness but this is just outright creepy. I love it! Keep it up

Focus commented on The Bones of the Clown


Great job keep doing your thing i know you have more where that came from right

Busgoddess commented on The Bones of the Clown


crazee ! love the visuals! love that you used the word: stalactite. Great job!

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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