"From A Prisoner, A Wasted Life"


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He has been in prison for 36+ years.

"From A Prisoner, A Wasted Life"

This was written by a friend of mine who has been in prison since 1975.


“A Wasted Life”

I keep trying to block out this singsong noise, it rises and falls continually throughout the cellblock. I sit in a pose of meditation in an attempt to still my troubled mind.

Thirty plus years of confinement in prison presses in on me, as my life slips away day by day. Slowly consuming the best and the last years of my life. How many people can comprehend what it’s like to have your freedoms ripped away?

I am not arguing my guilt or innocence. For innocent, I surely am not. My innocence was lost many years ago at the hands of my abuser. Later still, by the abuses I inflicted upon others.

This isn’t meant to be a pity party. It is a realization of so very much life that has been lost forever, precious life, so very, very precious life. I cannot understand why I threw my freedom away for a few moments of senseless gratification? Moments when I took away that which I had no right at all to take. Taking the innocence of the innocent, replacing it with fear. Mean and cowardly actions for a few dollars or a few moments of sexual gratification.

Try to imagine losing all that you value. Your family, friends, possessions. Losing your car, clothes, your home, even the little things such as cell phones, etc. All of your tech toys gone. All of your pets gone. Heck, I even miss McDonalds. Forget about a trip to the museum or to the beach. You can kiss everything goodbye once you’ve crossed the line. Once you’re in prison your life is no longer yours to run. In essence, it is over!

All the things that you once enjoyed, all the excitement of life is over. Replaced by an unimaginable amount of rules, mostly petty rules. You eat when you’re told to, submit to body searches when told to, wear ugly state issued clothes, pee in a jar when you’re told to. Rules, so many rules.

Not to mention that you have to live with high stone walls, and/or double chain link fences topped with double rows of concertina wire. Living with hundreds or maybe thousands of people of the same sex. Living with rapists, sexual perverts, killers, mental cases, etc. You could end up sharing your cell with your worst enemy or a raving lunatic. It is guaranteed that you will be living with mostly lost souls, and sad, sad people all around you. Living a life you can’t escape from. So, take my advice and keep as far away from here as you can. Otherwise, we will be here, waiting to greet you and your wasted life.

© Bill Van C


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Tags: a, prisoners, reality

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Samuel W. Hyde

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I'm sorry my friend but I just don't know how I feel about this poem.   Just kidding.  I like it.
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Heartfelt and poignant.
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Tarlton009 commented on "From A Prisoner, A Wasted Life"


but even in prison you have a chance to change lives including your own. all those lost souls could be found souls, God is everywhere and prison is not the end, hell on the other hand is. but if you can find salvation through Christ you will one day have your freedom renewed, and eternal life. I do not judge for it is not my place but with salvation comes hope and a chance for a better life, st. Paul spent the majority of his life in some sort of prison, either killing God's messengers or being imprisoned for being a messenger of God, and yet he changed the world. why he gave us a good many books form the New testament. besides all those worldly pleasures will not last anyways, but lost souls do and so does found souls, remember the thief on the cross, all it takes is faith and the willingness to let God have your life you should also remember Paul and Silus who where imprisoned, God helped them to regain their freedom, with enough prayer and faith the same could happen for you... now it may not be God's will for you but you can still live a fruitful life even in jail, prison is not the end of life... Death is the end of life, and separation from God for eternity is the end of life.... you wanna know how to live forever.... I know the fountain of youth, and it flows from Calvary's hill.



I am sorry that there is no way to pass your message on to the person that wrote this. I will send the gist of it to him. However, he already knows this and it is obviously his choice whether to accept Christ and share His grace or not. I wish I could do more.

Wakeitha commented on "From A Prisoner, A Wasted Life"


Well who gives us the right to judge a person. We all have done wronge in life. There are not any greater sin. All wrong according to God is sin.Because if all God children that don't take heed on what god is showing you and telling: You, through this person writting. You will face a place bigger then jail. That is hell, the devil corrupts alot of people because he know what plan and purpose God have for you. Place take heed cause God can use people to seed a message to all the people he created.God bless, your sister in Christ



W. Are you telling me that I am going to hell?

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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