"The Rings of Saturn or Whatever"


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    Poem Commentary

    The sad result of the melding of the minds of old hippies collaborating on senseless drivel.

    "The Rings of Saturn or Whatever"






    Hey bro, just got home from another day away. Today for my treatment and seeing friends thereafter. I am all played out from day after day of activity as well as my adrenals raging tearing me up bad. My nerves are just about shot. I didn't hardly make any progress from my Monday treatment and was retreated yet again. Oh well, got your message when coming in as mom said someone called for me and left a message. You were the 1st message and then a fellow called from the hospital to tell Bob that he was bleeding inside and was hospitalized and wanted Bob to know. Trouble is, I'm not Bob and there is no Bob here! Must have dialed wrong.

    Mom was out on the back porch all day so couldn't hear the message machine in the front living room clearly to know what either of you said. Well, hope things settle down throughout the weekend so I can rest up. Gotta go pick up mom's Rx at the drugstore tomorrow but that's it. I stopped at her doctor again on the way in for my treatment today and said they needed to get a new Rx in to Walgreens as they had notified them Monday of the need. God home and Walgreens left a message that the Rx was ready. Oh well, have fun finishing our write as I don't even know my own name at this point... LOL, Whiskers.



    The Rings of Saturn

    by Whiskers & Sam Hyde

    May 2013


    She was a dreadful mess, not the illuminating beauty that sends shivers down your spine the first time you see her in all her glory. No longer the one that makes heads spin and worlds collide just to catch sight of her in all her stunning magnificence. No longer the one that others hover around and bask in the radiating solar reflection of, blinding the eyes of its anxious spectators.


    Now lost in a gray nebulous fog obscuring all that she stands for. Her superb rings a mere fracture of their former perfection. Her power, pomp and circumstance, now brought down by the stasis of her life giving formerly golden brown bloodline. Her redline no longer reachable in the race for awe inspiring supremacy. She's a broken goddess, a love clinging to the last vestiges of life. A mere stationary shell of herself, no longer revolving around the others and spinning tales of Sky spells.


    His goddess, love, and glory was now in the hands of a higher power. One with the ability to tear her foundation apart and rebuild it as good as new... The Mechanic. Yes, his Saturn Sky Sports Car was crippled due to a set of cracked Rings, blowing nebulous gray oily smoke out its tuned headers and leaving all spectators choking and straining to see her through the fog. How did this travesty happen?


    Flash back to three days ago:


    The divorce was now final and he was able to proclaim to the world

    that Stephanie had never been his true love. Oh she had been at first up until the time he met Red. It was love at first sight! How could anyone not love those headlamps and the curves that accented Red's incredible beauty, she was so hot from the get go and everyone knew it. Red knew it too, and how she flaunted her beauty.


    All that and blinding speed as well. Red Saturn has many rings and other interesting things that revolve around her. I digress.


    It began innocently as most tragedies do. She was taking him for a ride when seemingly from out of space Stephanie appeared in the moonlight of Red's rear view mirror and set about to bring ruin to his fun by taunting and instigating Red to race, a luxury that Red had been successfully denying herself the pure joy of. To Red such headiness was not only seductive but addictive as well. Having sworn his undying love and desire to fulfill his lovers every wish he was unable to deny her anything her six carburetor heart desired and swore to keep her well lubricated come what may. After all she was the product of great oil lines.


    This may sound like a tale out of coolant and probably brought about some sort of Sky spell but it is the stuff of which legends are made.


    If Red had been of a different race her classy chassis was exotic enough to be inducted into the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency. But alas she'd remained a free agent till this love of her life captured her heart with proposals of monthly high maintenance body waxes, leather conditioning and weekly car shows. This was Nirvana and more than any girl could ever dream of let alone resist. So even before his divorce was final they were seen all around town together in motor courts throughout the city. This was one high octane romance.

    But Stephanie couldn't handle that kind of pressure and wasn't about to let this red tart flash in the oil pan steal her man! So for days she had been stalking Red, waiting for that perfect green light moment to shift the affections of her man away from this red floozy and back to herself. No restraining order with title transfer would put the brakes on her jealousy, envy, hatred, or revenge. She'd not be denied her rightful moment of road rage.

    But she wasn't thinking clear header'd or with her head lights wide open. She knew she wasn't as pretty as the mileage showed that she had more years on her, but her port and polished balanced engine was not to be trifled with. She'd taunt this red vixen into a race she couldn't possibly win. And when her ex saw red for the discontinued model she was, he'd come racing back to her.

    Red was fast reaching her boiling point and was considering what exactly she should do with this green upstart. It seemed Old Stephanie was just about getting on Red’s last brake line and she was just about ready to let Steph have all six barrels.

    Little did Steph know that Red had been around the block more than once and had had her whole being lubed, chassis and motor only 4 days ago and was more than ready to take on any and all comers no matter their age or conditioning. It is true that Red was known in the past to take on a little more Prestone than was considered gauche at those times when she cared to care. But Red had always been a free spirit.

    The last piston was just about blown when Red came up with the right solution. It was winner take all in this contest to take place at SIR (Seattle International Raceway) and the trip from Florida to the Puget Sound Area was just the warm up she felt she needed to get her hot body into prime shape for the quarter mile ahead.

    The nitrous rich air created just the right attitude for this not to be forgotten drag race between such beauty that needed no enhancing and the made up edition of Old Stephanie or as referred to behind her trunk “Old Scratchmarks“

    When the time finally came around for the special race. Some say (Race of the century!) wagers were running at an unprecedented rate with Stephie favored as much as 20 to 1 for the big ho down.

    When green showed go the smoke was stifling, but when it cleared there was no doubt that a fight it was to be. It took just about 2 seconds and an eighth of a mile for the clearing air to reveal the tangle of Red and whatever made up Stephanie’s external organs to show the racers entangled, intertwined with one another as they approached the finish line where Red was finally pushed free and passed the line at 231 mph a record for her weight class. Though winning had clearly taken its toll on Red.

    Emerging from this grey nebulous fog she was no longer the illuminating beauty she had once been. Her beauty, her blinding speed, was now in the hands of a higher power.

    © G. Weldon Searles (Whiskers)

    & Sam Hyde (cutbacks)


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    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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