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A long really strange poem about what goes through my mind.






I want to live to see:

          The discovery of the North Pole

          The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus

          The Great Pumpkin

          and all other 4th of July comedians

The Pied Piper of Berlin

A White Christmas

A Born Loser

A truthful rock

the calendar turn itself around


I want to see:


          Grandma’s cookies throw up their chocolate chips        

          The Louisiana Sellout


          The People of the Moon saying “Yankee Go Home!”

          A car get stoned

          An inside-out house

          My birth after the rehearsal

          The Rockies get discovered somewhere in Vermont

          The Goodwill write its will

          The Discovery of The Fountain of Youth by Methuselah


It would be cool to see:

          Galileo drown in a gallon of sour milk

          Business get busy with the truth

          The Great Boom become a bang box


I live to see:

          Whistler’s Mother whistle Dixie in Latin

          John Wayne actually fight

          The Pacific filled with LSD

          Snow rain all over itself 

          The Mirror of Time reflect something

          The Wicked Witch of the East reveal herself



I’d like to see:

          Time fly

          The Shrewing of the Tame

          The Shrew

          The reincarnation of:

Walt Disney

Al Capone

Charlie Chaplin

Billy the Kid

Bugs Bunny after Peter Rabbit busted him in Farmer Brown’s Garden

          A babysitter sit on a baby

          Barf make itself sick

          Poetry become interesting to everyone

          The Columbia roll on

          Sitting Bull earning his name

          and Simple Simon get a clue


I am anxiously living to see:

          San Francisco turn into a giant Haight-Ashbury

          Colored people become colored

          Alice In Wonderland marry the Wizard of Oz

          The birds and the bees have sex


And to see:

          My Great Uncle humbled

            A straight person in Hollywood

          A straight society

          A society

           The end of the beginning of the end

          A full stomach

          the death of death

          Grass legalized so I can weed my garden


I am still anxious to see:

Forgetfulness forgotten 

          The President change places with Dylan

and the Vice-President with Donovan

Free speech

The Emancipation of this so-called democracy

The Constitution constitute

Style come into style

the ban on life lifted

Love rape hate

The chastity belt removed from this country


Let us all pray for the time when:

          All countries unite

          God right the wrongs of religious fanaticism

          Flowers return to their children

Also, on the side, lets look for congress to act on something meaningful

          For a pandemic of honesty in congresses worldwide


I am dying to see:

          My birth

          For Bush to blow up his ranch

          for him to fly away somewhere

          for Dick to go fry himself

For the draft to get drafted and our politicians fight

for our country within the lines they helped create

I am hoping to read about the one’s who think they will make history

before they make history of that history


Maybe we will all be able to see:

          the rebels rebel against the rebels

          Tom Saywer drop with Huck Finn

          Martha Stewart drown in her batter

          Santa tracked on radar and shot down

          as a UFO

          Lonesome George become more Lonesome

          The Suez Canal become a sewer (“officially”)

          The Ice-Cream Man piss in his ice cream


I am impatient to see:

          The re-birth of birth

          of science




          my mind


          of morals


          as a whole

our whole way of living


I am waiting kind of patiently to see:

          The Sun throw up its spots

          An intelligent chairman of this mess

          You shut-up and think (if you can)

          Me shut-up and think (I can’t)

          A happening to happen (if it can)

          Me to happen (If I can)

          Me to quit happening (If I can)

          for tobacco to smoke itself to death

          for death to smoke itself to death

          for Life to be delivered as regularly as Look

          for Look to live

          for Alfred E. Neuman to edit Time magazine

          for Dan to turn off and shave his beard

          for me to turn on and grow a beard

          for morals to become moral


I am looking forward for:

          My case to be closed

          my mind to convince itself it lives

          virgin eyes



          Don to stop shaving his legs

          health to get healthy

          happiness to become healthy

          the rehearsal of Pearl Harbor to be cancelled

          for this show to be cancelled


I’d really love to see:

          Greatness become great

          the clock to run itself to death

          Osowma kiss his pig

          for Osowma to become his pig

          for the pig to piss on them both

          starvation starve to death

          reality become real

          dogs piss on Osowma Pig-Lover

          the invention of New York City

          a lynch mob turn on itself

          my home to become my castle

          for me to have a castle

          or a home

          where I am truly welcome

          Sex to become healthy

          legalization to be legal


I want to:

           Destroy the minds of Kingdom Come

          Kiss the image of reality

          sit atop the war elephant and fill him full of arrows

          Throw Great Flowers on the Heads of Our Great Society

          Climb mountains, swim seas,  turn on violently,

          and stay away from The Funny Farm

          bite a hole in the earth and spit out the peels

Caress my stone lightly and throw it

          at the human trolls

          write a composition on thinking

          think about writing a composition about thinking

          think about thinking of writing a composition about

          thinking of writing a composition about thought

          take time to think about it

          think about the time thinking will take

          give that some thought

          then think about it some more

          decide to think about it later

Colonize Seattle:

          Fill it with thinkers

          run away from it

          run away from running away

          think about running away from running away from running


De-colonize Seattle:

          Don’t even think about it!!!!!

Disinfect New York City:

          Hurl in Carnegie Hall

          piss purple passion piss at 42nd & 8th

                smoke blue smoke in front of The Arch at Washington Square

          Think about that for a while




Give lsd to:

          Dr. Jekkyl & Mr. Hyde

          Robert Louis Stevenson

          Speedy Gonzales

          Jerry The Grasshopper

          Tom Terrific

          Frankenstein and Dan


Fire the boss:

          replace him with a robot

          that’s a no brainer

          gift wrap the moon and give it to The U.N.

          Tune in on The Big Picture and kick the screen in

          Pray for Peace


I want to:

          Paint all white men

          Lunch with Lawrence Ferlinghetti &

          discuss who with us 

          Visit his Coney Island from the inside

          Take the bomb, defuse it, cover it in chocolate,

          make the war lords eat it


To see:

          The meek refuse the earth until those who made the mess

          get it cleaned up

          Watch Michael steal the boat and seek asylum in Somalia

See a Peace Conference where they discuss something other than their suits or their ranches

Make them attend the Last Supper


I would like to see us:

          Start living somewhere else than this dark age


I would love to see:

          Vampires and Werewolves demonstrate for civil rights

          at Guantanomo

          Love stop and stay awhile

The minds of:

          LBJ, Kosygin, McNamara, DeGaulle and the other puppeteers

          I mean!  What were they thinking?


I would love to:

          Cry my heart out

          get out of here before the rebirth

          or should I just say; the realization;

          of The Roman Empire


I want to:

          Write a masterpiece

          be reborn in the year 2049

          Well, when I first wrote this stupid and insipid

attempt at poetry in 1967, I wanted to meet Timothy Leary to discuss if there were any hope for us

          now, I think that I need to think about that

          I think, hmmmm

          never mind,.

          for now

          I think

I do want to toss all memories of past wars and give everyone amnesia when it comes to remembering what wars were

Then, I think I want to Paint It Black

          and go on home and get a sandwich

then turn the earth into a great egg, scramble it until somehow it becomes our world again

          That way I can stop the Horse of Chrome


Maybe then I will be able to:

          Compromise with my head

          Meet Alice

          Eat at her restaurant

          you know that you can get anything you want

          (excepting Alice)

          At Alice’s Restaurant

          take a kick at Old Ironsides

          see if he really needs that wheelchair of his

          burglarize Davy’s Locker

          Watch Billy Joe McAllister

          fly off the Bobby Gentry Fridge

          be understood, and understand

          get rhythm

          Catch the past in one of its lies

          till the fields of the streets

          Watch Helen of Troy move into The Kremlin

          and immediately grow a mustache and beard


I would love to:

          Become an issue

          or at least think about becoming an issue

          learn to draw Paradise and disappear into

          my drawing

          Watch the grass actually grow greener

          over there

          Make the scene,

          be in with the in crowd

          then get kicked out for being too cool

          make Scrooge Secretary of The Treasury

          reconstruct reconstruction

          Comb The Beach of Reality and throw all I find

          into The Sea of Thought

          I think

          Buy mirrors for those who try to hide from themselves


I really really want to:

          Spit on The Sun and put it out

          discover emotion before it has feelings

          crown Lyndon King Chicken


I would like to find:

          The place where the World is kept and drive it back here

          then put it in a cave somewhere where it won’t get lost again

          The Wine of Thought so I could

          think about it


I would like to feel:

          China’s tits and sell them to Polynesia so she could have a vagina

          maybe then we could pray in English

          what it is like to con my way into politics and just turn on

          to climb to the social heights and kick my way over


Then I would like to go to Michael’s place:

          and maybe have a beer

          or maybe a joint

          maybe even write something meaningful


I’ll have to give that one some thought

          A lot of thought

                   I Think!


© Sam Hyde


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Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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